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How to Copyright Something to Protect Your Work

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  • Post last modified:June 11, 2023

Innovation is at the heart of the modern world. We are always striving to push forward, to come up with new ideas and technologies and implement them in the world. And at the heart of innovation is a group of people, inventors, who are exploring the edges of our knowledge. Many of them have come up with incredible ideas. All of them have asked “how do you copyright something?” at some point in their careers.

Copyright is the way inventors protect their hard work and innovation. It’s essential to get compensated for their work and to protect their brands as they take their ideas to market. Today, we are answering the question “how do you copyright something?” and showing you what you need to do to protect your ideas and why it matters.

How Do You Copyright Something?

At the heart of copyright is the patent. A patent is the legal declaration that you have come up with something that is unique and, importantly, uniquely yours. It’s what gives you the right to stop people from simply copying your ideas for profit. If you want to copyright something, you need to submit a patent.

The actual process of developing, writing and submitting a patent can be simple, but that in and of itself can be problematic (more on that below). The most basic way to submit a patent application is through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). This portal lets you submit the necessary paperwork to start the patent process.

The Different Types of Patents

If you’re asking, “how do you copyright something?” and looking at the patent office website, you’ll likely be wondering about a lot of different aspects, including types. Let’s look at the three types of patents briefly before moving on to who can help you file a patent properly.

Utility patents: Most patents fall under this category. They cover “any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or compositions of matters, or any new useful improvement” according to the USPTO.

Design patents: Have you designed something ornamental that’s uniquely yours? Then a design patent is what you may need.

Plant patent: These patents cover new plants exclusively, largely in the world of agriculture. You can apply for this patent after you have invented or discovered a new plant and asexually reproduced it.

The Importance of Legal Help in Submitting Patents

The patent process is complicated and, when done incorrectly, will not protect you or your work. That is why it’s essential that you enlist legal experts to help you through the process. Only dedicated patent attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to walk you through the process and help you submit a patent that, once approved, will protect your hard work.

Where to Find a Copyright Attorney

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