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Honoring Inventors in Black History

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  • Post last modified:February 12, 2024

At Invent and Present, we take pride in honoring the legacy of innovators who have played a vital role in shaping our world. During the observance of Black History Month, we emphasize acknowledging the remarkable contributions of African American inventors who were overlooked by the patent system in centuries past but are now duly recognized. We celebrate their impactful contributions across diverse industries.

George Washington Carver’s Agricultural Revolution:

George Washington Carver, a distinguished African American scientist, conducted extensive research promoting crop diversification, particularly with peanuts and sweet potatoes, revolutionizing agricultural practices in the early 20th century. Despite the groundbreaking nature of his work, Carver’s innovations were not patented at that time, yet they notably enhanced soil fertility and introduced innovative uses for these crops, transforming agriculture and promoting sustainability for farmers.


Highlighting Alexander Miles’ Elevator Safety Innovation:

Similarly, Alexander Miles, an African American inventor, made a pivotal contribution to elevator safety in 1867 by creating automatically closing elevator doors. This safety enhancement significantly improved passenger safety. Despite its substantial impact, Miles did not secure a patent for this invention during his time.

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Our Commitment Beyond Recognition:

At Invent and Present, our dedication extends beyond recognition. We offer patent services, virtual prototyping, 3D rendering, and website/application development, standing by inventors throughout their journey to ensure their ideas are not only acknowledged but also brought to life. Visit our website Invent and Present for more information.


Honoring Black Innovators:

Through Black History Month, our goal is to honor and amplify the voices of black inventors, giving rightful recognition for their invaluable contributions. By doing so, we strive to foster a more inclusive narrative of innovation, inspiring future generations to embrace diversity and equality in the pursuit of groundbreaking ideas.


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